• The Teacher LinkedIn Profile

    October (14-2021),braxton
    The Teacher LinkedIn Profile
    How would you like a simple way to increase your teacher job options? After all, it’s always safer (and smarter) to have the ability to find new jobs at a moment’s notice. But it’s not practical to constantly be job hunting while maintaining your current one. So what’s the best workaround for this? A simple…Read More



  • Using Pinterest, For Teachers

    October (5-2021),braxton
    Using Pinterest, For Teachers
    Ever feel like it’s hard to come up with fun and educational ideas for your classroom? You’re not alone. It’s no easy feat to make sure your students are educated properly. But even harder is maintaining their attention while doing so. However, when you consider how much material they need to get through, what can…Read More



  • What Teachers Can Learn From Erin Gruwell

    September (30-2021),braxton
    What Teachers Can Learn From Erin Gruwell
    There aren’t many teachers who end up transforming their student’s lives. Because beyond teaching math, reading, writing, and more, many only do the bare minimum so their students can reach the next grade. But sometimes more is required. Sometimes there are barriers that prevent even the smallest learning requirements from occurring. And that’s where teachers…Read More



  • How To Avoid Getting Complacent As A Teacher

    September (24-2021),braxton
    How To Avoid Getting Complacent As A Teacher
    There's nothing more dangerous to your career than getting complacent as a teacher. It can quickly lead to a stagnant and boring teaching life. And the last thing any person wants is to lose their enthusiasm for their chosen profession. Luckily, there are a number of ways to stay proactive and keep your teaching fresh.…Read More



  • Creative Writing Exercises For Typing Practice

    September (16-2021),braxton
    Creative Writing Exercises For Typing Practice
    It's always smart to get out of dull routines and mix things up a bit. And when it comes to repetitive tasks like typing practice, this is especially true. So rather than sticking with the same old boring typing tasks, why not try out some creative writing exercises instead? Let's talk about some fun and…Read More