• Creative Writing Exercises For Typing Practice

    September (16-2021),braxton
    Creative Writing Exercises For Typing Practice
    It's always smart to get out of dull routines and mix things up a bit. And when it comes to repetitive tasks like typing practice, this is especially true. So rather than sticking with the same old boring typing tasks, why not try out some creative writing exercises instead? Let's talk about some fun and…Read More



  • Your Teacher Job Search And How To Kill It

    August (31-2021),braxton
    Your Teacher Job Search And How To Kill It
    Are you struggling to find a job as a teacher? Or are you about to embark on a new career path as a fledgling educator? If so, you're not alone. The teacher job search is extremely competitive, with a surplus of qualified candidates and only so many jobs available. With this being the case, what…Read More



  • Homework Alternatives To Better Help Students

    August (25-2021),braxton
    Homework Alternatives To Better Help Students
    Homework can often feel like a drag to students. But there are many alternatives to the old and boring homework tasks they typically get. And using these other options will go a long way towards keeping your students engaged and interested. So take a look at these homework alternatives to find ways to make sure…Read More



  • Best Podcasts For Teachers

    August (19-2021),braxton
    Best Podcasts For Teachers
    Ever feel like you're falling behind on educational trends? Although it's easy to let day-to-day teaching get in the way, we all know that continuing our education is critical to success. And not just our own, but our student's success as well. But between blog posts, books, videos, and so on - there's so many…Read More



  • Using Rewards For Students

    August (19-2021),braxton
    Using Rewards For Students
    It's no secret that school isn't always fun. In fact, for many students it can be downright boring. But that doesn't mean there's no room for fun or motivation. The question is - what's the secret to making this happen? Well, there's a time-tested method that is all about using rewards for students. If you're…Read More