• The How-Tos of Touch Typing for Kids

    March (31-2020),braxton
    The How-Tos of Touch Typing for Kids
    Kids are like sponges. They can absorb any information or skill you present to them. But that makes it even more important to teach them the proper techniques from the start. There aren’t many how-to's of touch typing for kids, but some basics can’t be forsaken. Thankfully, there are different types of tools online that…Read More



  • Free BigBlueButton Virtual Classroom!

    March (24-2020),david
    Free BigBlueButton Virtual Classroom!
    Free BigBlueButton for Subscribers! We here at KeyboardingOnline understand how frustrating this quarantine is. Classrooms have been shutdown, spanning over 140 countries! School districts all over the world are scrambling to figure out how they can teach their students. Instead of sitting around, we decided to come up with a solution for our subscribers. We…Read More



  • New Online English Typing Practice Trends

    March (24-2020),braxton
    New Online English Typing Practice Trends
    Typing - especially blind typing - has become a core skill for many industries. From copywriting to data entry, everyone should know how to quickly turn their thought into coherent, correct lines of text. Thankfully with online English typing practice platforms, this can be done faster, easier, and cheaper than ever. While lagging behind Mandarin…Read More



  • Google Classroom Syncing

    February (18-2020),tim
    Google Classroom Syncing
    Google Classroom Syncing is now live inside the Teacher Manager! We have been working on this feature the past few months and are happy it is now available to all schools that use this feature. Benefits of Google Classroom Syncing This feature brings with it another way to create your classes and students without having…Read More



  • Will “Voice to Text” ever replace Keyboarding?

    January (3-2020),jesse
    Will “Voice to Text” ever replace Keyboarding?
    Through the past several years, voice-to-text speech recognition software has come a long way. It is now on phones and computers, and seen as a quick and easy way to send a quick message. Will it ever progress to the point that it makes keyboarding obsolete? The Perfect Scenario I think most everyone would agree…Read More