• Fun ways to Introduce Typing for Children

    December (6-2022), braxton
    What is arguably one of the most critical skills for children to learn in the digital age? You guessed it – typing. Typing is essential for children to succeed in school and their future careers. The good news is that there are many fun ways to introduce typing for children. By using games, apps, and…



  • 5 Good Habits for Students to be Successful

    November (29-2022), braxton
    When it comes to success in school, there are many factors that come into play. However, one of the most important things that students can do for success is to develop good habits. As a teacher, you play a big role in helping your students develop these habits. You're in the best position to model…



  • Helpful Parent Teacher Communication Ideas You Need to Implement

    November (22-2022), braxton
    It's no secret that communication is key in any relationship. This is especially true for the parent-teacher relationship. When parents and teachers work together, it can make a huge difference in a child's education and well-being. Unfortunately, communication between parents and teachers is not always as strong as it could be. In fact, many teachers…



  • How to Maintain Classroom Discipline in a Positive Way

    November (15-2022), braxton
    Discipline in the classroom is important. But it doesn't have to be negative. There are many ways to maintain discipline in a positive way that will still allow you to keep control of your classroom. In fact, using positive discipline techniques can actually help to improve student behavior in the long run. And when you…



  • Teacher Desk Organization Ideas and How to Maintain it

    November (8-2022), braxton
    We all know that teachers have a lot on their plate. They are responsible for educating children and shaping their future. But in order to do their job effectively, they need to be organized. A teacher's desk is usually the center of their universe and it needs to be organized so that they can find…



  • What Your Classroom Colors Say About You!

    November (1-2022), braxton
    You might not think the colors you choose for your classroom have much of an impact. But you'd be surprised! The colors you use in your classroom can actually say a lot about your personality and teaching style. For example, a teacher who chooses brightly colored walls might be seen as fun and energetic, while…



  • The Importance of Discussion in the Classroom

    October (27-2022), braxton
    If you want your lessons to get through to your students, then you should encourage discussion in your classroom. A good discussion will spark interest, critical thinking, and creativity in your students. It’ll help them remember what they've learned. And most importantly, it'll break up the monotony of listening to lectures all day. That's why…



  • Teaching Tips for Students With ADHD

    October (25-2022), braxton
    Teaching students with ADHD can be challenging. They require more one-on-one attention and may act out in class more often than other students. However, there are ways to help them succeed. And, with the right tools and strategies, you can make a big difference in their education. In today's post, we'll share some tips on…



  • 5 Things Effective Educators Don’t Do in Their Classrooms

    October (18-2022), braxton
    If your goal is to be an effective educator, there are certain things you'll want to avoid doing in your classroom. After all, the goal is to provide your students with the best possible education, not to make things more difficult for them. So it's important to be aware of the things that effective educators…



  • Basic Skills in Conflict Resolution for Teachers Between Their Students

    October (11-2022), braxton
    You can save yourself a lot of headache by learning basic skills for conflict resolution for teachers. Your students won't always see eye to eye with each other. So it's important that you, as their teacher, know how to resolve conflicts between them. That way, you can keep the peace in your classroom and prevent…