• Teaching Students About The Internet

    August (9-2022), braxton
    The #1 tool we have access to today is the internet. It's a constant in our lives and it's only getting more pervasive. As educators, we have to make sure our students are using this tool in the right way. After all, the internet can be a great tool for learning. But it can also…



  • Virtual Education And Teacher Tools: How To Use Technology

    August (2-2022), braxton
    Are you an elementary teacher looking for ways to improve your virtual education game? You're in luck! There's plenty you can do to make sure you're using technology to its fullest so your student’s get the best education possible. All you need is a little know-how and some great teacher tools. So in this post,…



  • Having A Culture Week In Your Classroom

    July (26-2022), braxton
    What’s a powerful way to teach young students how to understand and accept different people? With cultural studies. Learning about other cultures helps children see that there are many ways to live and that they all have value. Additionally, it gives them a greater understanding and empathy for others. With all these great benefits, you…



  • Learning Through Play

    July (19-2022), braxton
    If you want a simple (and fun) way to teach your students, then there's an unexpectedly easy way to do it - learning through play! It's a powerful way of getting your students on board while bypassing their "ugh, time for school..." mentality. So it's clear why this can be a great tool to add…



  • Learn About Civics Or Law With A Mock Classroom Trial

    July (12-2022), braxton
    What's an easy way to make something boring and dry (like the law) fun and exciting? Bring it to life with a mock trial in your classroom! Teaching your students about civics or law doesn't have to be a snooze-fest. With a mock trial, you can engage your students in active learning, where they're the…



  • Exploring Students Hobbies As A Class

    July (5-2022), braxton
    What's one of the most fun things for all young students to do? Partake in their personal interests. For example, many kids might be passionate about video games, sports, movies, books, or even animals. So what do you think will happen if you bring those topics up in class? Their eyes will light up with…



  • Bringing The “T” From STEM In Your Lessons

    June (28-2022), braxton
    STEM is considered one of the most important curriculums in education. It’s an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. And many people believe these four disciplines are the cornerstones of a successful future. And that means educators who incorporate STEM in their lessons are important! But you don't need to be a…



  • Helping Your Class Keep A Student Journal

    June (28-2022), braxton
    A student journal can be a powerful tool for elementary students. It can help them record their thoughts and feelings. And it can also help them improve their writing skills. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of student journals, as well as some tips for maintaining a journal writing habit. We hope…



  • How To Fight Restlessness In The Classroom

    June (21-2022), braxton
    It can be difficult to deal with restlessness in the classroom. It seems like every day, more and more students are fidgeting and unable to focus. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when you are trying to teach a lesson. So in this blog post, we’ll discuss some strategies that you can use to overcome…



  • Making The Most Of A Class Trip

    June (14-2022), braxton
    Are you planning on taking a class trip this year? If so, then your students are in for a fun and educational experience. But as the teacher, you might be wondering how to make the most of the trip. After all, you want your students to learn as much as possible while still having a…