• April 2021 – BIG Update – Sneak Peek

    April (22-2021), jesse
    We have just rolled a sneak peek version of our latest Teacher Manager (not all features are complete). This was a big code update, re-written from the ground up for easier, more concise navigation, and better performance. You can use the new Teacher Manager by clicking on the yellow button in the top right of…



  • Top 5 Websites for Teacher Resources

    August (4-2020), braxton
    Having everything you need to teach is easy. You just need your time, a student, and a book. But when you want to teach a lot of students something quickly and let them retain it, you will need as many teacher resources as you can find. There are several types of teacher resources that you…



  • Classroom Management Strategies for the Modern Day Teacher

    June (30-2020), braxton
    Although new requirements and tools may seem daunting to some educators, the new classroom management strategies available today can make life easier for everyone involved. For those well prepared, there will be more time to focus on learning, and less time lost for handling your students. Primarily, because classes can be augmented with online tools and…



  • Project Management for Teachers: A How-To

    May (26-2020), braxton
    When it comes to learning, most of us have accustomed to having a focus on data retention. The problem is that it is becoming more and more of an obsolete skill in today's world. That is why project management for teachers is essential, as it gives us more tools to make our subject relevant. Through…



  • Google Classroom Syncing

    February (18-2020), tim
    Google Classroom Syncing is now live inside the Teacher Manager! We have been working on this feature the past few months and are happy it is now available to all schools that use this feature. Benefits of Google Classroom Syncing This feature brings with it another way to create your classes and students without having…



  • Learning Management System Integration

    January (3-2020), jesse
    With Keyboarding Online's newest feature, you can now integrate directly with your Learning Management System (LMS). This brings tons of benefits to the program and the way your students access the program. What is an LMS? Learning Management System is a type of software that you set up for your class. You are probably using…



  • Importance of Keyboarding Presentation – Updated!

    December (11-2019), amit
    Should keyboarding still be taught? Download this PowerPoint Presentation Why should keyboarding still be taught? Check out the research and articles put together to help you help others see the importance of teaching keyboarding. Did you know that student writing is worse when they are given a computer when they don't know how to type?…